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How It Works?

Discover thoughtful gifts for every occasion at our shop, making celebrations memorable with heartfelt tokens of appreciation.

Select a clear and high-quality photo of the person you want the caricature of. The better the photo, the better the caricature will be.

Tell us at cariur what you want the caricature to look like. Do you want it to be funny, flattering, or something in between? Do you want the caricature to be full body or just a head?

Once the artist is finished, they will send you a proof of the caricature for your approval. If you are happy with the caricature, you can download it or have it printed.

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Your Giftshop place to shop

Shop with cariur gift shop for a wide variety of caricature on T-shirts, pillows, Mugs, on a foam-board or even on a key chain, and many more that are waiting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions you might wondering on having there answers

Sure, you can literally change the caricature the way you want on whatever product you like from t-shirts, pillows, mugs, key-chains etc...

Sure, you can manage to buy different types of products at a time and put the quantity you want.

Yes sure, the product delivered to your doorstep safely and non harmed with the high quality you deserve 

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You are without a doubt the best page for online shopping. I love your products and thanks for your help!

A.B Designation

I just received my order and the packaging is so professional! I'm really proud of having such a trustworthy Giftshop in Lebanon. Thank you ♥️

I.A Designation

I want to thank you for the generous gifts you always send with every one of my orders! Really HUGE thanks!


Welcome to CariurGifts, your one-stop destination for unique and thoughtfully curated gifts that make every moment special. At CariurGifts, we believe that gifting is an art, and every gift is an expression of love, gratitude, and celebration. Our collection is a testament to this belief, offering a wide range of handpicked treasures that are sure to delight both the giver and the recipient.

Our passion for finding exceptional gifts shines through in every product we offer. Whether you’re searching for a meaningful birthday surprise, a heartfelt anniversary gift, or a token of appreciation for a loved one, we’ve carefully selected each item in our collection with you in mind. From elegant jewelry to personalized keepsakes, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our website is designed to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Explore our diverse categories, browse through our expertly curated selections, and let your heart guide you to the ideal present. At CariurGifts, we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service, ensuring that your inquiries are promptly addressed and your shopping needs are met.

Join us on a journey of gifting that transcends the ordinary. Experience the joy of finding and giving gifts that touch hearts and create lasting memories. Thank you for choosing CariurGifts to be a part of your gift-giving adventures. Here’s to making every occasion a little more special, one thoughtful gift at a time. visit cariur gift shop your store in lebanon.

visit cariur gift shop your store in lebanon

enjoy your stay in the store


Cariur Navigating Our Gift Wonderland: The Essence of Home”

Home, the word itself conjures up a myriad of emotions and images. It’s a place where our stories unfold, where laughter echoes through the halls, and where we find solace after a long day in the world’s chaos. Home is our haven, our sanctuary, and our most cherished possession. In the ever-changing landscape of life, it remains a constant, a steadfast anchor that grounds us. It’s more than just a physical space; it’s where we belong, where our heart resides. It’s the cocoon of comfort where we nurture our dreams, the canvas where we paint our memories, and the stage where we perform the symphony of our lives. Home is where we learn to navigate our gift wonderland.

But what is this gift wonderland, you might ask? It’s the treasure trove of experiences, emotions, and memories that make our home truly special. It’s not about material possessions, though they have their place, but rather the intangible gifts that we bestow upon our homes and, in turn, receive from them. It’s the love we pour into every corner, the stories embedded in every nook and cranny, and the warmth that envelops us as we cross the threshold.

Gift-giving is an age-old tradition, a way of expressing love, gratitude, and affection. In the context of our homes, it’s about the gifts we offer to ourselves and to those who share our space. It’s the gift of time spent together, of shared laughter around the dining table, of quiet moments by the fireplace, and of the simple joy of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. These are the gifts that can’t be bought in a store but are worth more than any material possession.

As we navigate our gift wonderland at home, we discover that the true essence of these gifts lies in the details. It’s the carefully chosen artwork that adorns the walls, each piece telling a story or evoking an emotion. It’s the mismatched but cherished set of dishes, each with its own history and meaning. It’s the cozy corner with a well-worn armchair and a stack of beloved books, where we escape to other worlds and explore new ideas. It’s the garden we tend to, nurturing it with love and patience, and in return, it gifts us with beauty and tranquility.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook these gifts, to take them for granted. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the demands of work and social obligations, and we forget to pause and appreciate the wonderland we’ve created within the four walls of our home. But when we do take that moment to reflect, to truly see and feel the gifts around us, it’s a revelation. It’s a reminder that home is not just a place we return to at the end of the day; it’s a place that nurtures our souls and replenishes our spirits.

Home is also a place of transformation. It’s where we grow, evolve, and become the best version of ourselves. It’s a canvas for our creativity, a laboratory for our experiments, and a stage for our self-expression. It’s where we learn to cook our first meal, where we discover the joy of gardening, where we decorate and redecorate, and where we find the courage to pursue our passions. Our home is a constant source of inspiration and a reflection of our evolving tastes and interests.

The gift wonderland within our home is not limited to the physical space. It extends to the people who share it with us. Our family, our friends, our pets—they are all part of the tapestry of our home. They bring their own unique gifts—love, companionship, support, and shared experiences. It’s in the laughter of children running through the hallways, in the conversations that linger late into the night, and in the comfort of knowing that you are never alone.

But home is not always a place of joy and celebration. It’s also where we confront challenges, face disappointments, and experience loss. It’s in these moments that the true strength and resilience of our home shine through. It becomes a source of solace, a refuge where we can heal, reflect, and gather the strength to face the world again. It’s where we find the support of loved ones, the comfort of familiar surroundings, and the space to process our emotions.

As we continue to navigate our gift wonderland at home, we realize that it’s a lifelong journey. It’s not about reaching a destination but about savoring the journey itself. It’s about continually discovering new facets of our home, of ourselves, and of the people we share it with. It’s about adapting to change, embracing imperfections, and finding beauty in the everyday.

In a world that often feels fast-paced and uncertain, our home stands as a sanctuary of stability and reassurance. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, where we can pause and take a deep breath. It’s where we can reconnect with our inner selves, find inspiration, and rejuvenate our spirits. Our home is a gift that keeps on giving, a treasure trove of experiences and emotions waiting to be unwrapped.

In conclusion, “Cariur Navigating Our Gift Wonderland” encapsulates the essence of home—a place where we continually discover and appreciate the gifts of love, comfort, creativity, and resilience that it offers. It’s a reminder that home is not just a physical space; it’s a reflection of our lives, a canvas for our dreams, and a haven of support and love. As we navigate this gift wonderland, we learn to cherish and celebrate the beauty of home in all its forms, and in doing so, we find meaning, purpose, and a profound sense of belonging

home - Cariur Navigating Our Gift Wonderland

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